3D FaceID Solution

Highly Integrated and Low Power Neural Network Accelerator WQ5007


WQ5007 is the only chip integrated both 3D structured light and neural network computing accelerator in the whole market. It realizes the 3D

structured light-based live detection and the neural network-based image local recognition. Ultra-low power consumption, rich interface resources, and great computing power meet the pre-requirements of edge algorithms and flexibly meet requirements of different application

scenarios as follows.


1. The only lightweight SoC integrated the 3D deep hardware process and neural network

·Local realization of 3D structured light live detection

and recognition

Pre-positioned algorithm, pre-face detection, and


Battery power supply to meet mobility


Financial payment solutions

The chip implements asymmetric key encryption to

build trusted computing like trust zone;

Adopt an open RISC-V core and independently design

key modules inside the chip.


Low-cost access control/attendance solutions

A low-cost single one chip solution supporting SPI or

MIPI screen and Wi-Fi expansion;

Support monocular/binocular living body detection

and the 3D mechanism light algorithm transplantation

as built-in powerful computing power;

Local recognition capability.


Face recognition smart door lock solutions

3D structured light technology, local detection, local

recognition, offline, and even more secure;

Low power consumption: the neural network’s peak

power consumption with a heavy workload is 400mW,

and 100uW in Standby state;

Fast start-up time: fast boot is less than 100ms, and

from cold start to face recognition and unlocking

should be completed in 1 second;

High integration, few peripheral components, simpler

hardware PCB design.

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